Whisky of the Week – 53 – Tequila – Kah Reposado

Decided to change to a Tequila this week

Kah Reposado Tequila / 70cl, 55.0%

No two bottles are painted the same.

After spending 10 months in French Limousin casks, this Kah Reposado Tequila was ready to be bottled in beautiful skull-shaped bottles. The Reposado bottle is adorned with El Diablo himself, where they honour Satan with dances to keep the mine workers safe.

The ultra smooth,& ultra high-proof tequila [the highest proof tequila available] slips slowly down the walls of the glass demonstrating it’s powerful personality.

El diablo – The use of devil imagery was inspired by Day of Dead celebrations in Peru. The festival takes place the week before Nov 5th on the banks Titicaca.
The traditional dances {complete with dangling red crucifixes]are rumoured to be led by the devil himself. They even pour tequila on the ground for the devil to drink.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Big, intense wafts of agave, caramel and vanilla.
  • Palate: Boiled sweets, more chewy caramel notes and powerful agave. Soon joined by red fruit splashes on the mid-palate.
  • Finish: A strong, herbal finish.
  • Overall: Perhaps a bit too intense for its own good, but then again, this is El Diablo we’re dealing with here.