Whisky of the Week #52 – NORVAL’s Sensible Scotch

Whisky of the week #52

Norval’s sensible scotch whisky.
Norval’s 5 yr old single malt.

40 %abv.

One year of bringing you some of the Whiskies to you with history & tasting Notes about each Distillery.

It started wanting a family run business Whisky.
Norval’s was recommended to me in Edinburgh.

This blended malt & it’s brother the 5 year old single malt do not disappoint.
The sensible blend has over 40 malts & 2 grain whiskies, making this whisky a high quality blend.

It won star of the show in a NZ blending tasting night for the Hospitality Magazine.

The 5 yr old was produced on the many requests for a single malt to partner the blend.

NORVALS 5 YEARS OLD HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY is made from malted barley, water and yeast.
Peat, a natural fuel cut from the moors of Scotland, is used to fire kilns in the drying process,Smoke from the fire drifts gently upwards through a wire mesh floor to dry out the barley,
and the “peat reek” imparts a distinctive aroma which contributes to the character of the final spirit.
Only after a minimum of three years maturation can the new make spirit be legally defined as Scotch Whisky. In practice, most Scotch Whisky matures for much longer, anything from five to thirty years and sometimes longer. It is during this time when Scotland’s cool, clean air steals through the porous oak of the casks and charms their contents, contributing further to the smooth and golden character of Norval’s unique creation.