Whisky of the Week – 47 – Glenlivet 18

Whisky of the Week – 47 – Glenlivet 18

Glenlivet 18 yr old 

Those who have followed my Whiskies of the week know I’m very partial to this leader of the Speyside region.So I’m not going to tell you about the history of Glenlivet as you already will know it.

This is a truly momentous marvel of a Speyside Whisky.

When you are compiling a collection of whisky store cupboard essentials. A bottle of Glenlivet 18 yr old should undoubtedly take pride of place.

The Classic speyside dram

Jim Murray says about the !8 yr old Glenlivet.

Oh… Just didn’t expect that! Fabulous honey sweet …. Excellent weight & mouthfeel.
There is no taking away from the impossible length of dissolving honey….offers up an intensity that leaves you giving a little groan of pleasure.

Nose… Quite big & well rounded. Notes of chewy sultanas, sherried peels barley sugars & toasted cereals with petals & apple blossom.
a touch of fudge gentle wisps of smoke.

Palate… Full & rich with notes of chewy ,tannic Oak, Manuka honey & walnut with apple & orange peel.

Finish… Long & dry with spicy Oak note.