700ml // 57.3% ABV

The Mackillop’s Choice Linlithgow 1982 28 Year Old is from St. Magdalene. St. Magdalene was established at least by 1798 (and possibly as early as 1765). During its early life, it was known as “Linlithgow” after the town in which it was built, and was originally located at Bonnytoun. It moved to the St. Magdalene site in 1834, to be close to the Union Canal. Before the distillery existed, the site was home to a leper colony, convent, and hospital at various points in time between the 12th century and the distillery’s 18th-century founding. The distillery took its name from St Magdalene’s Hospital, a lazar house which once stood upon the site

This Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky “Mackillop’s Choice Linlithgow 1982 28 Year Old” was distilled at the Linlithgow Distillery in the Lowland Region on the 5th of October 1982 and was bottle from cask number 2206 in April 2011.


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