70cl // 53.4% ABV

Compass Box are being very hush-hush with their limited edition The General blended Scotch whisky, which is rather bothersome, because it sounds like there’s an awesome story behind this awesome expression. 

The General is a blend of two blended whiskies from two secret companies, both which were blended at a young age then left unused in the cask for a vast amount of time. One of these whiskies aged for 33 years and Compass Box are keeping quiet about how old the other one is due to Scotch Whisky Regulations. We need Sherlock Holmes or Poirot up in here to get to the bottom of this one!

Like everything John Glaser gets his hands on, The General is expertly blended, hitting all the right notes that will have “antique” whisky lovers chomping at the bit with its depth, complexity, wonderfully soft palate and a long finish.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Old polished wood to start, with dark, woody sugars and some maple syrup. There’s some more fragrant notes hiding behind, with sweet coconut, sandalwood and honeysuckle. As it sits in the glass more intense sweet notes appear, with marzipan balancing out some of the darker, more savoury woody notes. 

Palate: Lots of old dry wood and cinnamon spice to start – a bit of a zinger. Spiced butter and crunchy green apples come in, with charcoal, aniseed and a touch of soft liquorice. The apple-y flavours develop and become quite strong, before the old polished wood and anise notes come to the fore again. 

Finish: Very much a continuation of the palate, with apples and spice joined by gentle polished wood. As it fades, sweet marzipan notes appear. 

A whisky that both is and tastes old, with freshly cut boards and old, polished tables backed up by solid spiciness. However, dancing over the top of that is some sweet fruit and buttery notes that add an excellent contrast and lots of complexity. 


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