375ML // 45% ABV


Official bottling. Distilled April 4, 1993 and barreled April 4, 1993. Put in new barrel after 8 years 8 months.


In 1987 Buffalo Trace Distillery began experimenting. Since then, Buffalo Trace has produced over 1,500 experimental barrels of whiskey now aging in its warehouses. Each of the barrels has unique characteristics making each one different from all others. Some examples of these experiments include unique mash bills, types of wood, barrel toasts, and more. Buffalo Trace periodically bottles a few of these experimental barrels and makes them available.

Each experiment that is released is VERY LIMITED and RARE.

The Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection Series was first released in 2006, with additional releases in each subsequent year. With the exception of the most recent releases, the releases have been extremely small, often with no more than one or two barrels. This very limited production makes the Experimental Collection bottles among the most difficult to find for bottle collectors.

Tasting Notes:

Medium amber; soft, caramel nose; ripe and rich with toasted oak, spice and deep flavors; intense and rich with balance, style and vivid flavors.


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