75cl // 50.0% ABV

A gorgeous creation from Balcones in Waco, Texas. They make their True Blue corn whisky using blue corn, which makes a mighty fine tortilla chip and (so it seems) a mighty fine whisky too! It’s unique and also pretty dangerous, as blue corn contains a high oil content, which when mixed with heat from distillation can become somewhat… Flammable. The risk is worth it, however, as True Blue is a true blue winner.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Deep and rich spice with nutmeg and pot pourri coming through. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough engulf the spice and migrate to chocolate cake. Very buttery and Big Red returns with brown sugar in tow.

Palate: Sweet and soft on the palate with banana nut bread that gives over to freshly baked spice cake.

Finish: Long, lingering, sweet, and smooth. Blue corn whiskey is something special, indeed.


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