700ML, 40% ABV

Pronounced You-Love-Ka and recognisable by its tear drop-shaped bottle. A blend of 50% Rye, 25% Wheat and 25% Barley creates a balanced vodka that’s slightly sweet with an oily mouthfeel.

“U’Luvka is both beautiful and practical. The bottle leads you into the quality that you would expect to find inside. The aesthetic is complete. Aesthetically pleasing to look at and touch, and aesthetically a pleasure to drink. A combination unusual in the vodka market.” – Nick Strangeway

Tasting Note

“The nose offers firm, concentrated scents of cereal grain, palm oil, parchment and nuts. Palate entry is full, semidry and intensely grainy; in the midpalate stage, the taste profile turns more oily and waxy, all the time maintaining a high degree of grain kernel. Concludes dry, clean and elegant.” – 92/100, Wine Enthusiast


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