One of the popular myths is that vodka is a purely Russian invention. Alex’s research indicates that the idea of vodka was borrowed by Russians from the famous Ukrainian Cossacks’ Horilka.

The word ‘vodka’ does not exist in the Ukrainian language. All strong spirits are called Horilkas.

Alex handcraft’s his Honey & Chilli Horilka according to the best Ukrainian traditions. The recognizable Horilka’s flavour is created using the raw Puhoi Manuka honey and organically grown local Chilli peppers. The rest of botanicals that make a subtle background to the main two ingredients is his Ukrainian family’s secret treasure.

I put a whole chilli pepper in each bottle in order to underline the authentic Cossack character of this spirit. Alex handcraft’s in small batches (no more than 70 bottles per batch).

The Horilka is bottled in French-made glass (750 ml) and hand-stoppered with glass stoppers (German patent) which protects the quality of the product and makes it shelf life limitless.

Good news for vegans: my Honey & Chilli Horilka is Vegan-Friendly, as no animal products are used in its manufacturing.

Good news for everyone: I do not use any on the 45 food additives permitted in the manufacturing of Certified Organic products. This makes my spirits Super Organic!

Do not get intimidated by the Chilli ingredient – it is a very tame Chilli, it makes Horilka delightfully piquant, but not burning hot.

More good news for cocktail lovers: you will be pleasantly surprised how much the popular Bloody Mary improves from switching standard vodka to Honey&Chilli Horilka. I am begging you though not to make the common mistake of mixing the spirit with the tomato juice; instead carefully and slowly pour the Horilka using a blade of a knife onto the top of the cold and slightly salted tomato juice.


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