70cl // 55.0% ABV

Cobalt Blue bottle with 24 carat gold used to paint Mayan gods and Mayan code & language on each bottle. Each bottle hand painted, signed and numbered by the artist. 110 proof Silver Blue Agave Tequila in a unique gift box.

Inspiration for KAH tequila comes from the 3,000 year old celebration know as “Dia de los Muertos”, the Day of the Dead. The unique packaging is inspired by the traditional calaveras (skulls) used in the Day of the Dead rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. Every bottle is an individual, hand crafted work of art – no two bottles are alike.

Tasting Notes

Clear. Hot aromas of coconut, cream, acetone, and and candied yams with a penetrating fruity medium-to-full body and tongue tingling Coleman’s fuel, salted caramel, and lime pepper jelly finish. Pretty intense due to the proof, but calms down nicely with water and should pop through great in cocktails.

International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal


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