Look at how dark this whisky is! That’s why it was named “The Black Whisky”. Loch Dhu is actually Gaelic for “Black Lake”, this was distilled at Mannochmore and has gained a cult status, quite a collector’s item.

Patiently rested in charred sweet oak casks to create a whisky as black as night, With a rich velvety taste. Savour the smooth. Intense flavour and discover hidden complexities in this unique black whisky.

Loch Dhu was distilled in the Mannochmore distillery, which lies in the heart of Scotland’s “Speyside” region. There has been a distillery on this site going back to 1876. It takes its water from the Bardon Burn high up on Mannochmore hills.

The unique Loch Dhu taste and appearance was created by aging the whisky in special, double-charred oak casks. Charring the casks twice enhances Loch Dhu’s distinct black colour, and its smooth, slightly sweet flavour. Look for a slightly smoky nose with clean layered aromas of sweet malts and notes of ripe fruit and honey. The whisky has a dry, balanced and complex finish.

The Love/Hate Whisky.

Comments from reviews:

“The single most exquisite alcoholic beverage I have ever tasted in my 53 years of life.”

“A fine single malt unlike any other.”

“Probably the best whiskey in the world.”

“I have been trying for 10 years now to remember the name of the best 3 fingers of scotch I ever drank. Finally I discover it to find I can no longer get it.”



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