Kininvie is owned by William Grant & Sons, the same folk that own Glenfiddich and Balvenie. All three distilleries are located on the same site in Dufftown, and Kininvie and Balvenie are in fact so close they share quite a bit of production equipment, shared mostly all the way until the stillrooms which are separate. It started producing in 1990, and ended production in 2010. Some of it’s product is used in the blended malt Monkey Shoulder.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Fairly bright light gold.

Nose: A pretty classic Speyside style nose, it’s light, fruity and malty, with some nuts and a hint of spices. There’s enough good quality oak age and ABV reduction that it’s got a smooth and creamy nature on the nose, and I suspect the palate will be the same. A hint of hessian is in the background.

Palate: The arrival isn’t quite as smooth as the nose might lead you to think, the spices and slight hike from base ABV work together to bring a fruity maltiness which washes around your palate well, with a reasonable thickness and a relaxed touch of oak complementing things.

Finish: The great flavours from the palate seem to be amplified on the finish; it’s packed with flavour and it warms your chest nicely lasting for a good while leaving a buttery sweet malty flavour.


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