70cl // 40.0% ABV

Distilled in 1963 and matured in refill sherry casks, this is a light Glen Grant single malt, bottled by Gordon and MacPhail who suggest this as an aperitif.

 All I could say was after the first glass I just wanted more and more. This is a new realm of scotch whiskey, building on a base of 18-25 year master scotches, this is a unique experience. treat yourself.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Rich Sherry, stewed pears with hints of demerara sugar and almonds. Bees wax notes are also present and a subtle charred oak edge.

Palate: Delicate Sherry with grapefruit and almonds. Hints of stewed fruits and dark chocolate flavours are also present.

Finish: Delicate Sherry, with fresh grapefruit and cream toffee flavours. Hints of ripe bananas and lemon.


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