Built in 1898 by the renowned distillery architect Charles Doig, Glen Elgin was one of the last Speyside distilleries to be constructed.

In those early days, the furnaces beneath the pot stills were hand stoked and maltmen aired the barley by hand shovelling it high into the air. Some were so skilled they could ‘lay’ it across the maltings floor as smooth as the mirror surface of a highland loch. These arduous tasks were traditionally rewarded with a dram of the precious spirit.

Originally a single pair of copper pot stills were installed: nowadays there are three pairs working day and night. But just as before, they distil the spirit from local barley fermented in the pure waters of the Whitewreath Springs deep below Millbuies Wood.

White Horse Glen Elgin is matured to perfection, a malt of noteable distinction.

An authentic Speyside, it has the easily recognised fullness and roundness that first brought malt whiskies to the attention of the world beyond Scotland. When nosed, the peaty aroma is subtle but lasting, and the smooth clear taste has hints of fruit and honey.


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