70cl // 36% ABV

Famous Grouse Liqueur was launched in November 2003 and available till 2008. The story goes that formed master distiller John Ramsey got inspired during a cold night at a remote distillery where he had some mandarins and ginger cake along with a few drams. Using over 100 years of experience, Famous Grouse have created a uniquely smooth whisky based Liqueur for a heart-warming after dinner glow.

The Famous Grouse liqueur is a blend of the finest whiskies, infused with citrus spices. The smooth dram is slightly darker than many other whisky liqueurs and delivers an exceptional balance of flavour, warmth and sweetness.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Rich golden harvest colour.

Nose: Rich, slightly citrus, spicy, gingery.

Taste: Fresh ginger, spicy, sweet and Seville oranges.

Finish: Warm afterglow,smooth.


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