500ml // 43.0% ABV

Red, Black, White. The purist comes in many forms. Whisky, like colour, is a matter of taste. For every purist, there is a Pure Malt. A skillful combination of single malts, each bottling is conceived to satisfy a specific flavour preference: from pure fruit to pure peat.

Jim Murray scored different batches of Pure Malt Black with 92 and 95 points respectively. This is a great dram, a blended malt made up of whisky from Nikka’s Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. Full of fruit, balanced oak, peat and toffee.

With its subtle balance of fruit and refined peat notes, the Nikka Pure Malt BLACK offers a rare complexity, ideal for the connoisseur in search of a mellow, yet intriguing whisky. Its aromatic depth is the result of a selection of very different whiskies, combining the fruity elegance of the Miyagkyo malts, and the smokier notes typical of Yoichi’s strong character. Take a sip, roll the whisky around your palate, and lose yourself in the depth of Nikka Pure Malt BLACK.


Liquid Gold Award – 2014 – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible


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