The Blackadder series are becoming a collectors dream whisky.

Blackadder is Robin Tucek, co-author with John Lamond of The Malt Whisky File (now over 150,000 copies in print). All Blackadder whiskies are his personal selection.

The loss when bottling our Blackadder single cask whiskies is normally less than one percent and less than half a percent in the case of Blackadder Raw Cask. Blackadder believes in bottling only whiskies that are completely natural.

Blackadder has managed to source a supply of just such casks which we are bottling as Blackadder Smoking Islay. But to ensure our supply we have to be a bit secretive about exactly what is contained in each cask. Perhaps that’s part of the fun in enjoying a glass or two of Smoking Islay – trying to guess what is in it! It’s certainly very smoky and peaty and with a surprisingly long, sweet smoky finish.

Blackadder Raw Cask is whisky as it always was. Whisky as it used to be. Every drop is “Whisky from the Old School”. We wanted to bottle whisky as it would have been when served direct from the casks behind the bar in Scotland’s pubs one hundred years or so ago.

Blackadder does not believe in chill-filtering or in colouring whisky. We believe that the purest is the best. Quite simply, Blackadder Raw Cask is every bit a Blackadder whisky but even more so. We use a special bottling process to make sure that each and every bottle of Blackadder Raw Cask contains its own share of the cask sediments as well as of natural oils and fats that might otherwise be left behind when filling a cask strength whisky straight from cask. This ensures the maximum possible natural flavour is in each and every bottle. The only thing we do when bottling is to use a small filter to ensure that splinters of wood from the cask do not inadvertently pass into the bottle.


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