A resurrected dram from the past – a new Ardbeg Supernova. The first edition was the peatiest Ardbeg ever and this new release treads the same path. A big whack of smoke with a terrific backbone of fruit and sweetness.

It’s quite light in colour, and relatively fresh on the nose, but it’s still a bit of a beast. There are darker notes underneath the initial feisty smoke, and a decent amount of complexity. It’s Ardbeg looking fondly back on the crazy days of late noughties.

This bottle was part of a private collection.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Intense zestiness of smoked lemons and pears, lemongrass and pine needles, Water droplets trigger billowing, aromatic smoke, peaty earth, heather root and applewood smoked cheese.

Palate: Gentle warmth ignites and builds to be peppery, spicy and electric. Powerful peppermint, antiseptic lozenges orbit the peaty core. Dark, dark birch tar intermingles with spicy-sweet chilli flavoured chocolate, with coating linseed oil.

Finish: Rich flavours of tar, creosote, briar wood, spicy tobacco and liquorice root. The aftertaste disappears into infinity…


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