700ml // 46.0% ABV

Distilled in 2004, this is a very interesting whisky from the Isle of Arran. Unusually for the distillery, this was distilled from peated malt, with a peating level of 14PPM. This is the third batch.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Subtle and elusive initially. Hints of fudge, coconut & spice with a teasing touch of the glorious peat reek to follow.

Palate: Classic Arran at first with notes of citrus, orchard fruits and cardamom spice mingling in a rich melting pot. At the back of the palate peat smoke finally emerges to whip up a storm.

Finish: The peat reek takes centre stage leaving a rich, warming glow like the burning embers of a bonfire. Master Distiller James MacTaggart has skillfully combined all of the elements at work to create a harmonious blend of malt, peat and cask.


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