70cl // 53.4% ABV
The Fiendish Finale
The devil”s back, and this time, it’s fiendish. That’s right, it’s time for the thrilling conclusion to The Devil’s Punch Bowl series from Arran. Following in the smouldering steps of Chapter I – The Devil’s Punch Bowl and Chapter II – Angels and Devils, The Fiendish Finale is comprised from a devilishly delicious selection of casks,

This expression sounds completely mad though, according to MoM it’s a vatting of 8 Sherry butts, 8 French oak barriques and 5 bourbon barrels.

Really is all over the place. Not sure how much thought they put into “balancing” the dram, but I couldn’t care less. This stuff is the bomb. Weird, explosive, ambitious. More whiskies need to be like this. Yes, there are some off notes, but that’s to be expected with the number of casks used. It’s risky, and it’s odd. I like odd. And whilst it might be a gimmick, it’s pretty damn good too.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Big spices – Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Vanilla. Fragrant perfume – Lavender. Crème Brulee. Lots of wine. Some pungent wine-oak. Red wine Vinegar. Fresh citrus. Tropical fruit salad. Poppy seed. Slight smoke. Pepper. Crazy nose. All over the shop. Some off notes, but overall, I love it.

Palate: Hot. Brown sugar. Raisins. Lemongrass. Red wine. Soap. Plums. Red apple. Tropical fruits. Pepper. Agave. Very oaky. Slight vinegar. Strawberry laces. Pungent port. Mango.Bonkers. Some bad in this, but outweighed by the good. The fruits are so so rich. So much fun.

Finish: Dry wine. Oak and fruit.


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