750ML // 40.8% ABV

Bohemian Dry Gin. Handcrafted in small batches. Limited Edition (70 bottles only).

Bohemian Dry Gin is infused with the relaxed homely atmosphere of the Puhoi Historical Bohemian Village and the old Puhoi Pub.

Bohemian Dry Gin was created with the involvement of the gin experts and connoisseurs from the Puhoi Pub. This is why Bohemian Dry Gin delights the senses with the subtle yet recognizable exotic notes not found in other gins: Manuka flowers, feijoa blossom and other botanicals grown in the spray-free Puhoi valley.

Even the soft untreated water used for Bohemian Dry Gin comes from our own deep artesian bore which belongs to the Puhoi Organic Distillery.

As you can tell, Bohemian Dry Gin is the true Puhoi spirit!

Alex endeavors to use as many locally grown Puhoi Valley botanicals as possible. Some of them can only be found in Puhoi area. For example, one of the most attractive Bohemian Dry Gin notes is taken from the unique New Zealand variety of grapefruit. Fortunately, the very first and the only fully certified organic orchard which grows this variety of grapefruit is located in Puhoi Valley – on the land of Lothlorien Winery. Once a year, during the harvest season, my family hand-zest the selected grapefruits right on the spot at Lothlorien orchard.

The main ingredient of any gin is juniper berries. Unfortunately, juniper berries are not produced in New Zealand. I use only Croatian certified organic juniper berries – the best (and the most expensive) in the world. Even the best juniper berries have to be conditioned in a special way before they can be used for the distillation.

The selection of botanicals is extremely important for any gin. What makes Bohemian Dry Gin different is application of the top-quality alcohol with no harmful impurities. The purification production phase is both time-consuming and labour-intensive, and is achieved using the natural absorbents.

Alex is pretty certain that he is the only gin distiller in the world who uses what he calls the ‘True Gravity Flow’ technology. So why does gravity play such an important role in Alex’s distilling process? It is because pumping against gravitational forces is known to negatively influence/break the molecular structure of liquids. There are no pumps in his Distillery. All liquid movements during the distillation process are achieved using natural gravitation forces only.

Maybe the best quality gin in the world.


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