50cl // 40% ABV

The White Oak Distillery is located in the city of Akashi in the Hyogo prefecture. This distillery received its distillery license in 1919 but only really began using it for whisky in 1984; prior to that it mainly (and still) was used for saké and barley shochu production. Distilling whisky only one to two months a year, production is very small. This is a non-age statement blended whisky, but it is likely around 3 years old and is aged in ex-bourbon before finishing in ex-sherry casks.

Tasting Notes

The aroma is delicate with notes of marshmallow, barrel spices, raw corn, and vanilla. As you taste, the same notes are found and the whisky is soft and full on your palate.

Although it is a blended whisky, the nose and taste are very close to single malt whiskies, which is really a surprise. This whisky is quite unique. It is not like typical whisky i.e. Yamazaki or Yoichi, instead it is really a smooth whisky.


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