An 18 Year Old blended whisky from Japanese producer, Chugoku Jozo. Bottled for the Togouchi range, which are aged in railway tunnels rather than a warehouse, this is on the higher end of the age scale for their releases. This comes through on the nose and palate with plenty of expressive, fragrant oak notes alongside bright fruit touches.This is quite unique, Japanese whisky made in Scotland and Canada.Instead they started sourcing malt whisky from Scotland and grain whisky from Canada. The maturation and blending is then performed by the master blender at Chugoku Jozo.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Peaches and cream with icing sugar on top. Acetone and a light, sweet sawdust. More buttery and caramel notes come later, with cocoa powder and an effervescent lift.

Palate: Really sweet and mouth-coating. Light golden syrup and fruity cordial. Earthy, oaky and drying finish.

Overall: Another good example of Japanese blending.

A light oak wafted to me. The taste started warm and neutral before sweet indistinguishable hints spread out. Easy Floral breathes lingered in the finish. I then added a drop of water to open it up and the sweetness made itself known to be caramel like or molasses. Clean and well blended.


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