700ml // 40.0% ABV

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Norval’s Sensible Scotch Whisky is a fine example of the art of Scotland’s blended whisky. It contains two grain whiskies and over 40 different malt whiskies judicially chosen and blended together to achieve an excellent roundness, depth and quality. Whisky that will duly remain long in the memory of those fortunate to have the opportunity to taste.

The whiskies have an age of between 3 years and 7 years and represent also the traditional heritage of Norval’s handed down over the last two generations.

Tasting Note by Don Kavanagh

“A new one on most of us, but what a little charmer. The nose is a little shy at first, but the flavours soon expand generously to offer lovely touches of sweet oak, honey, spice and heather. The palate is packed with flavours of toffee, dried fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper and the fresh finish is all about the spice, with a decent length to it as well. A standout performance from the débutante.”

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  1. Kelly-Ann McHugh

    Don Kavanagh –

    The third – and, if I’m honest , most enjoyable – whisky I’ve tried recently is the oddly named Norval’s Sensible Scotch. It’s a blended whisky – a mixture of malt whisky with unmalted grain spirit – and has a character and style all of its own. It’s from Kirkcaldy, a Fife town more famous for the aphrodisiac qualities of its sea wall than its fields of golden barley. It’s available from and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost; I’ve bought bottles of wine that cost more and haven’t given half as much pleasure as this little gem.

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