70cl // 40.0% ABV

Finished in casks from the Island of Islay – famed for its smoky and peaty whiskies, this whisky has more than a hint of the Smoky and dark about it. Delicious.

Famous Grouse Islay Cask Finish; launched in 2001, is a regular Famous Grouse, finished for 3 more months in casks from Ardbeg, Bunnahabhain, Bowmore, Caol Ila and Laphroaig. The first 6 weeks the spirit is finished in separate casks but after 6 weeks all is blended and re-distributed in the very same barrels.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Amber.

Palate: Sweetish, smoky, briny, smell from an abononed beach, reduced whisky cake, later some chocolate & marzipan, amerene cherries with ice cream.

Taste: Soft and creamy, spices and peat (reduced creamy like an icecream with a whiff of cherries, warm and nice with a hint of liqueur).

Finish: Long, good, warming and slightly dry.


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