Safe Shopping Guarantee

We understand that security is essential when buying online. That’s why we have worked hard to create a safe online shopping environment.

  • Our checkout process is 100% secure.
    Your entire browsing experience and order information is encrypted and transmitted over our secure (SSL) server technology. This means no one will gain access to your private information.

  • An actual human reviews each and every order.
    No salesbots or automated processing. Every order is reviewed by our Whisky Library team, if we see something that’s not clear, we’ll contact you, we want it to be right, the first time.

  • We take fraud very seriously.
    We take extra steps to carefully validate all credit card information. You can be secure in the knowledge that we’re protecting you from unauthorized charges.

  • Don’t worry about identity theft.
    Only the people responsible for processing your order see your personal information.

  • Packages arrive safely.
    Wonderfully wrapped, and often hand delivered in the Auckland region, our products are bound to arrive fast and securely to your location.

  • Gift Packages and Company Gift Purchases available.
    With a wide range of alcohol, chocolate, coffee and other tricks, feel free to create a custom gift package that we can have delivered to your suppliers, employees or family and friends.

  • Exclusive products.
    The Whisky Library has exclusive access to Hyde Irish Whiskey, Norval’s Blended and 5 Year old Scotch and Neat Tasting Glasses here in New Zealand. Give them a try!