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In starting The Whiskey Boutique Ltd (Trading as The Whisky Library) our aim was to create a great Whisky online store here in New Zealand, and to do that we wanted to find a great quality, unique scotch whisky from a small family owned distillery and market it here in Auckland, New Zealand. While in Edinburgh Scotland we were introduced to Norval’s 5yr Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky & Norval’s Blended Sensible Scotch Whisky. These two scotch whiskey’s fitted the bill perfectly. Later we were introduced to a tasty Irish Whiskey (Hyde) that we just couldn’t resist adding to our collection.

We hope that this is the start of a great partnership with New Zealand’s whiskey/whisky drinkers. People that enjoy that unique boutique whisky not sold in every bar or liquor store.

Scotch Whisky is to savour.

The Whisky Library’s ‘home shop’ is in Auckland, New Zealand, but we only operate online and distribute nationwide.

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Anthony McHugh – Purveyor of fine Scotch Whisky

Exclusive Products

Here at The Whisky Library we are proud to go out of our way to find rare and exclusive Whisky, Spirits and drinking accessories (glasses and whisky gifts). We are primarily a retailer, but we also wholesale the following exclusive and fantastic whisky products, either shop online direct, or contact us directly for wholesale queries.

Norval’s Sensible Scotch Whisky

The story behind the family’s history was the great grandfather’s started Norval’s with an illicit still and with the knowledge that this scotch whiskey for many years was applauded by connoisseurs as the best in an expanding market. Also enjoyed by the local’s at the Chapel Tavern with it’s unique taste in the 19th century sold me.

Said to take its distinctive flavour from the waters of the Chapel Burn, near Kirkcaldy, Scotland the NORVAL Sensible Whisky was sold in the local public house in Chapel Village. From backroom moonshining in 1857. You now can purchase a tasty piece of Scottish history directly from this web site for delivery nationwide. A whisky with a history and a distinctive taste.

To buy Norval’s visit Norval Products

Hyde Irish Whiskey

Rugged West Cork provides the perfect maturing conditions for our exceptional 10-year old single malt Irish whiskey. Distilled in a copper pot still, HYDE whiskey is double matured in flame charred, first fill, oak bourbon casks, and finished in vintage sherry casks.
Handcrafted in very small limited edition batches, then cut with fresh West Cork spring water, and non-chill filtered for a more original character.
HYDE is a presidential quality whiskey, celebrating the inaugural appointment of Ireland’s very first president Douglas Hyde and the establishment of the Irish free state in 1922. A 100% malted Irish barley whiskey from a single distillery – HYDE is a true taste of the Irish free spirit.

To buy Hyde visit HYDE WHISKEY

To learn more about Hyde visit Hyde Whiskey

Neat Tasting Glasses

We are the exclusive reseller of Neat Tasting Glasses in New Zealand. The absolute best way to drink neat whisky and spirits. You can find our Glassware in our Gifts section.