95bFM Cocktail Corner – 7 JAN 2016

95bFM Cocktail Corner – 7 JAN 2016

As promised here is the COCKTAIL RECIPE for this weeks Cocktail Corner, proudly brought to you by Karma Cola, Red Bar and us here at The Whisky Library!


Ingredients: (Serves 2)

Blackcurrent Sparkling Water – All Good & Sparkling (Karma Cola)
Norval’s Sensible Blended Whisky (60mL)
Lemon juice (40mL)
Sugar syrup (15mL)
Egg white (1xmedium size egg)

Mix Norvals’, lemon juice, sugar syrup & egg white (careful to not get any yolk in the egg whites) and dry shake for around 15 seconds. Then add ice and shake again for around 10 seconds. Pour into a glass and top with the Blackcurrent Sparkling drink. Add straw & ENJOY!!!!

LISTEN to the podcast here to enjoy the banter going on with the boys today:

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