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  • The Chita Suntory Whisky 70cl, 43% ABV


    Chita is Suntory’s grain distillery. The flagship release is aged in a combination of wine, sherry and bourbon casks.

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  • Suntory Old Whisky 70cl, 43% ABV


    Suntory Old is a popular release from Japan. First produced in the 1940s, it remained one of the most prestigious whiskies to come out of the country until the 1980s when single malts grew in popularity. Medium-bodied with spicy notes, this is an excellent Japanese sipping whisky.

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  • The Hakushu Single Malt Whisky 70cl, 43% ABV



    From the Hakushu distillery in the foothills of Mount Kaikomagatake comes their  Single malt whisky, a no-age-statement expression, that captures the smoky, herbaceous characteristics of their whiskies. Both lightly-peated and heavily-peated malts were used for this complex and deeply enjoyable whisky. This bottling only available at Distillery.

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  • Yoichi Single Malt Nikka Whisky // 50cl, 43% ABV


    A half-litre bottle from Nikka’s excellent Yoichi distillery, this is a blend of single malts from different years and consequently has dispensed with the age statement.

    Lovely and smooth, Peaty Fresh summer straw opens the profile with muscat following. Light, with an insidious peat smoke depth. Impressive.

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  • Nikka Miyagikyo Sherry & Sweet


    A rare Japanese-market single malt expression of Yoichi.

    This Miyagikyo bottle was strictly selected from among the finest malts, distilled and matured in a sherry cask. It’s high quality stuff, like everything else from Nikka.

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  • Yamazaki Limited Edition 2015


    Incredibly hard to source in New Zealand, Yamazaki’s Limited Edition 2015 collectors’ bottling is available in very limited quantities.

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  • Nikka Single Coffey Grain Whisky Woody & Mellow


    A rare Japanese-market ‘Distillery Limited’ expression of single grain whisky from Nikka’s Coffey still.

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  • Ichiro’s Malt MWR Mizunara Wood Reserve


    Bottled in 2010, this was crafted by Ichiro Akuto, this is a vatting of various single malts which have been aged in Japanese Mizunara oak. It’s an incredible whisky, with loads of character from the Japanese oak.

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  • Yamazaki 10 Year Old Gift Set


    A 10 Year Old single malt from the Yamazaki distillery, aged in bourbon barrels. A lovely fruity dram, quite floral.

    Yamazaki 10 Year Old is a discontinued version of the world’s best single malt.

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  • Hibiki 17 Year Old Kacho Fugetsu Limited Edition


    The 17 Year Old is a harmonious blend of specially aged whiskies. The theme of this particular bottle is “Kacho Fugetsu” – a design that embodies the beauty of Japanese nature. The sweet floral aroma of the hand-selected matured malts combine with a natural wood essence to create a truly distinctive whisky, with a full-bodied taste. The 24 facets of the bottle symbolize the ancient tradition of “Sekki” – the age-old Japanese lunar calendar. This is one for the collector.

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  • Nikka All Malt 100% Malt Whisky


    A blended Japanese whisky from Nikka made with malt from Yoichi and a combination of malt and Coffey Still whisky from Miyagikyo.

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  • Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai Edition


    Nikka Gold & Gold Samurai Edition bottling, a Nikka Japanese blended whisky from the Yoichi distillery

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